Lisa Bean

What do I believe?

What do I believe?

I believe we all have the right to be happy. I believe we’re born with that capacity.

I believe we all have a purpose; a function to fulfil and I believe living out that purpose brings the ultimate sense of happiness: fulfilment.

I believe life can get in the way of our dreams and sometimes we need a little help getting back on track. We need to feel inspired and capable – we need to see it’s possible by being around people who’ve done it before us.

I believe we all have dreams but so few of us take the action needed to make them our reality. You’ve got to ‘do the do’ to change your life. I believe fear makes us play small and stand still and faith allows us to play big and take those steps.

I believe we should all have the opportunity to make a living from our passions rather than work a salary until retirement (unless your job is your purpose of course!!). I’m sat here in Costa Coffee in Media City in Manchester living my dreams and sometimes I can’t quite believe it.

I believe my purpose is to empower you, through my talks, writing and courses, to uncover your purpose, take the daring steps and build your dream life to find the ultimate form of happiness: fulfilment. When I work on this function, I play big, I grow and I go to bed fulfilled. And I believe this is the impact I have on other people too. This is my mission and I give everything to it.

That’s why this kickstart course is so special. Thank you everyone who has signed up. I can’t wait to begin this journey with you.

Cohort 2 begins on Tuesday 17th January and places will sell out. Book your place here.

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