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I feel guilty when I email you

Dear DARETOGROW community,

I have been thinking a lot lately about how best to connect with you. I have so many ideas, tools and stories I want to share with you but I often feel guilty about sending out new content via email. I don’t hesitate when posting new blogs on Facebook or uploading new vlogs to YouTube but when it comes to direct mail I always feel guilty.

Why on earth is that?

I’ve been thinking about why this might be lately and I think it still surprises me that people have signed up to read my content! In an odd way, Facebook and YouTube can be quite impersonal. I post something and you may or may not see it, acknowledge it or read it. But when I email you directly, it feels so much more personal. It cuts right into your inbox and you have to take an action – read it, bin it or unsubscribe (**gasps audibly in coffee shop).

Email feels invasive. Is it invasive? It can be to me because I get so many emails from companies offering me recruitment, web design and signage services. And no I never subscribed to any of those and so it bugs me.

Anyway, I digress. I have an announcement. A commitment really.

For the sake of the people who’ve written to me directly to tell me how much my content is helping them change their lives and for the benefit of the people who continue to read my content who I don’t know about, I’m going to keep writing and posting but now I’m going to start distributing my content more regularly. Including via email, but only to the people who signed up to receive my particular style of ‘let’s do this’ transformational content.

And so, if you’ve signed up to my mailing list, here is what you’re going to receive:

  • Monday morning – a motivational idea, story or question to help you get clarity on your micro goal for the week ahead
  • Tuesday morning – a new blog
  • Saturday morning – a new blog
  • Sunday evening – a new vlog (DARETOGROW | The Journey)

I’m going to commit to this schedule for 12 weeks. When the 12 weeks are up, or even during the course of the 12 weeks I’d love to hear what you think about the content and the frequency and even more importantly, what breakthroughs you had as result.

If you’d like to join me on this journey, please stay tuned for motivational idea / question / story number #1 coming on Monday. If you’d like to bow out, please do unsubscribe because I’m about to kick things up a notch as I share new, bold, daring content designed to help you uncover your purpose, set a compelling vision for your life and make a living doing what you love.

Are you with me?

Let’s do this.

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