Funnel marketing: 6 ways to get more sign ups to your email list


In today’s funnel marketing video, I’m going to show you six super smart and very simple ways to get more sign ups to your email list. I am using each of these funnel marketing hacks right now and each one can be implemented in less than an hour!



In today’s video you will learn:


0.52 Why it’s so important to create something original and very special if you want funnel marketing to work for you in a major way.


1.46 What I’m doing in my online six figure business to generate leads right now, using an example of a key programme I run called Expansion Business School.


2.36 Why it’s so important to demonstrate value in your marketing funnel, and exactly how you do that.


3.37 What freebie I created in my funnel to sell spots on my business school programme.


5.37 6 ways to link to freebie, including turning high performing social posts into ads and adding your freebie to your email signature!


Content I mentioned:


The truth about funnel marketing and what it really takes to win new customers using this technique:


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