do this to generate sales rather than likes using this clever content marketing approach

If you want to make more sales using online content marketing (and not just get likes and clicks), here are two very specific types of content you want to share as part of your content marketing approach in 2021.


What do I cover in today’s video?


3:00 Why I never ask: What should I post today? And what I ask instead…


3.28 The strategy I’ve adopted in my business to post more relevant content that leads to sales


4.00 The number one marketing questions that helps me decide what content to create for my social media calendar


5:00 What you can do with your freebie / lead magnet to help get more sign ups to your marketing funnel


6:07 What you really want people to think, feel and do once they reach the end of the videos you create for your social media platforms.










Content I mentioned:


The truth about funnel marketing and what it really takes to win new customers using this technique:


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