What if you could make a living doing what you love?

But what if you could make a living doing what you love? Just, what if?

Two years ago I faced a tough decision. You see I’d accidentally set up a marketing agency. I say it was ‘accidentally’ because I had originally tried to set up a coaching business. I spent all my money on a coaching diploma and so had no choice but to learn how to build my own web site. And I did.

When my first business tanked (I was 23 and I just didn’t make enough money to sustain myself) I went back to work and it was there I met someone who commissioned me to build a web site. I built it. And I got paid. And it felt amazing!!

I got recommended and picked up another project. And another. And another…Before I knew it, I had a business that was tripling in size year on year.

But the feeling never left me…all I’d ever wanted was a coaching business but I’d made a mistake early on. I chased the money instead of my passions. I asked ‘how can I make more money?’ instead of ‘how can I make a living doing what I love?’.

Fast forward four years, it’s 2015. I’m running my now six figure marketing agency and was also a director in another company I founded – a six figure graduate recruitment company; a spin off of my original coaching idea.

On the outside, things looked amazing. I was ‘successful’. I had my companies and was my own boss.

But that wasn’t the truth. Behind closed doors I was depressed, very depressed and I now know it’s because I ignored my calling and ‘depressed’ my passions. I literally couldn’t face who I’d become so I checked out with depression. Plus, I’d borrowed money to grow my business: £70K! I was actually trapped!

All I’d ever wanted was a coaching company and now I had a marketing agency and recruitment company! What the?

And that’s when it happened. On a run I was listening to motivational speaker Les Brown and he asked ‘what would you do if you found out you only had three months left to live?’.

I knew immediately…I’d give up my companies, launch DARETOGROW and start again. I’d give my dreams another go!

The moment came. Should I stay with what I have, with what’s safe or should I leave it all behind and take another punt on my dreams. Should I chase the money or try to make a living doing what I love?

I guess you know what I did!

That was two years ago and today I get to write, read and vlog all day long. I have no business loans, no team and no office! I’m a guest speaker at retreats and events and run my own live events…on occasion! I make a living teaching people how to uncover their purpose, change their life and make a living doing what they love through my online course ‘Make Your Move’. The name is a no brainer and was in fact inspired by someone on the course. I love that community. My crew.

Together, me and my partner now holiday all over the world, take walks along the beach every night and bake scones in the middle of the day. I no longer have depression and I no longer wonder ‘what if’.

And so my question to you today is ‘But what if you could make a living doing what you love. What if?’.

What would be you next move?

Lisa x x

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