But do social media ads, like Facebook ads, really work to win customers online?

My view on ads: They’re not to SELL – they’re an invitation to open a conversation with customers.



In the latest Pre-Ex Business School Wednesday Q&A, a wonderful client said to me: “I don’t feel sure about running ads so I’m avoiding it. I’m not sure they work. Can I really win one-to-one clients from an ad they see on social media? Does it really work?” This is my response to that client…


Social media ads aren’t there to sell to customers. They’re there to signpost customers who are ready (or are getting ready to be ready) to buy that you offer a solution to their pain, or you have what they want.


You ads says: ‘Oh, that things you really want to change, I have something that might help…here’s a taster of it’.


It’s just like cars ads. Car ads aren’t really there to sell. They’re there to tell people who are ready to buy a car that the dealership has an offer that suits their desire, their budget, their urgency. The call to action? Book a test drive: Come and see if it’s what’s you’re looking for in your new car.


Keep it light, keep it easy, keep it open with your ads. Really think about the wonderful new clients you want to help. What support to they crave? What are their eyes and hearts open to? How can you help move them forward before inviting them to learn more about your offer.


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