MAD things I learnt about business from…THE GYM [Motivational]

What can you learn about growing and scaling your business online…from going to the gym??
It turns out…quite a lot!

For example, I remember being in this SUPER SET with my PT Dario. I stood up from squats (which were BURNNNINGGG) and said “I can’t another set like this , it’s too hard”. Dario put his hands on my shoulders, put me back into a squat and said:
“You’re not in the next set, you’re in this one…21, 22, 22…”
And it really changed something in my brain.
I mean how often do we worry about what’s to come when we’re not even there yet?! Haha. Doh!
So in this video I’d like to share with you 5 mad things (like that!) I learnt from going to the gym.
With a little behind the scenes, and discussions around mental health and anxiety, I think there is something a little special in today’s video.
I hope you enjoy.