5 harsh messages you need to hear

5 Direct Sentences You Probably Need To Read [TODAY]

5 DIRECT sentences (ahem, paragraphs?!) you probably need to read! (And shock horror I’m not wearing black haha!)


  1. You can be working on your business for literally years and see only small changes, see only small hints of progress and feel so gutted! Where are the results? Then BOOM! One day you wake up and there it all is: The multiple six figure year; the amazing team; the growing platform, the wonderful community; the lifestyle of freedom. Please keep working diligently towards your vision. It is coming.


  1. If business is ‘too hard’ and you don’t feel motivated to dive in each week, check in with yourself on the truth of what you want: Is that truly the offer you want to scale? Is that truly the customer you want to work with? Are you really showing up how you want to show up? Passion is far easier to scale than logic.


  1. Make no mistake: Your life is a reflection of your thoughts, your choices and your actions over years (not months!), whether you’re conscious of these things or not. In truth it’s simple: Where you see consistently great results, you’ve figured out the process and you’re applying it consistently. Where you see consistently pants results (technical term) you either: Haven’t figured out the process; you have figured it out and you’re not applying it; or, you just haven’t given the process enough of a chance to work. It can only be one of those three things surely?


  1. When you set a bold new vision you have to change internally before you see the results externally. You can’t ask for the six pack and then work for it. You have to do the hard thing in the gym and the kitchen every week for months before that six pack appears. Then it’s still yours to lose! This means you have to change what you believe is possible in the first place, you have to shift your version of the status quo (of what you’ll tolerate in life), and you have to be willing to do things everyone around you just won’t do and might even laugh at.


  1. When you tell your goals to people who aren’t doing the work, who aren’t working towards big goals themselves, there is literally NOTHING they can say that will encourage you. Often what we hear are snidey comments, laughs and doubts. One of the best things you can do is stop telling these kinds of people your goals. Remind yourself what you want. Do the work. Get around other people with similar ambitions. And just let the results speak for themselves.