[VLOG] How to build your business in 2020

Let’s be real, business can become stale from time to time if you don’t mix things up and change your environment every once in a while. Lisa is heading to Manchester in today’s vlog to meet with the guys behind the media at Colony co-working, which is where the epic DARETOGROW marketing team bring all this content to you.


Lisa coaching call


Unfortunately, the filming took place on a Wednesday which is the day both Matt and myself (Amy here!) aren’t in the office so you miss us today! Did somebody say four-day weeks? Working in a start-up is truly magnificent. (Read my latest blog on this here.)


Building a business in 2020


Of course, it would be raining the day Lisa goes to Manchester.


In today’s vlog find out:


1.22 What camera Lisa uses on the road

1.56 What happened THE SECOND she submitted her book!

2.10 Why you MUST make your own money in business

6.25 An epic content hack for your social media in 2020

7.30 Behind the scenes of a professional film shoot ooh

8.20 How Lisa got started as a coach

9.52 The change in question that led Lisa to launching DARETOGROW



Remember, in order to keep operations running smoothly and, importantly, to keep the mental cogs turning at a healthy pace, it is vital that you switch it up from time to time. Spent too long in the office staring at the screen? The old tale about getting square eyes from too much TV is very relevant with computers too. In our ever-overarching digital age, it is important to build new relations and travel to new spaces to connect with people and get out of your usual environment, even if it means travelling a bit. The journey could do you good.


As you’re about to see.






Colony Co-working are creating a collection of videos interviewing the businesses, freelancers and creatives that work in the space.


DARETOGROW has been asked to feature in this video series, filmed in Manchester. I know, the penultimate question of all… “Describe your business with a film title”… Curious? Me too. Alas, you’ll have to wait until February 2020 to see the full video. Follow @colonycowork on Instagram to get updates on the coolest co-working space in the whole of Manchester. (Perhaps I’m bias but I doubt it.)


Colony is great for building community. Every Thursday they host a social brunch where members get a chance to meet, discuss their week and stuff their faces with pastries and bagels. Regularly, they host get togethers in which the beer fridge is unlocked. Recently they hosted a spooky Halloween event and next week they’re having a colony Christmas party.



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