Vision: a new approach to clarity

This week, at Alices 7th retreat (her first internationally) I was asked to speak about vision.

When I first started speaking about vision, I looked forward and out, asking questions like “What do I want to be celebrating 12 months from today?” and “How do I want to feel in life?”.

These questions are important and I still ask them of people who join me in The Online Course and Expansion Business School.

But there is more to share…

Your vision isn’t just want you want and what you see in your future, it’s who you’re becoming and how you’re being called to show up in the world.

So for any of you seeking clarity about your future, the direction you wish to move in or the vision you have for your life, let me share with you what I shared with the wonderful women at the retreat.


(1) All is good in the world


All is good in the world and exactly as it should be in this moment. Nothing is wrong. Everything is exactly as it needs to be to call us to the next stage of growth.

What we see around us today is what we have been capable of so far. As we continue to evolve, so too does our vision and our expectations.

Take large corporates for example. We needed their approach to set up large, scalable infrastructures. It’s the reason I can type this post on my iPhone in a cafe in Ibiza. But it’s fair to say we’re at a point in our evolution that we now require more.

And here’s the secret. Never think of yourself, your community or society as moving away from something bad. There is no bad, only an absence of good. And there is even better to come. Focus instead on the good you’re moving into; on the abundance yet to come.

I mean, more than anything, it just feeeeels better. And how you feel is everything!

So, don’t say you’re in debt. Focus on the wealth that’s coming. Focus on what you want.

Don’t say you’re ill. Talk about the health you’re returning to – focus on what you want.

All is good in the world. And more good is coming. So what do you want to move into?


(2) Our purpose is growth


We have a blueprint for growth. Just like the sunflower and the puppy, our obligation is to grow. If a flower stops growing, it stops living.

The same is true for us. We need growth. We crave growth. We are here to grow. It is baked into every molecule in our bodies.

So don’t be upset when you feel a call for more.

Don’t be upset that you have a vision for what could be improved.

Don’t be upset when you don’t have perfect clarity right now.

Embrace the discomfort, the unknowing. We get clarity through action because growth focuses on what’s possible now. Just as the sunflower seeks more sun, more water, more nutrients today (without concern for tomorrow) we would do well to seek more energy, more abundance, more knowledge today and not tomorrow.


(3) Co-creating


I believe we’re each born with a unique and powerful purpose within us. I have a job to do on this planet and so do you.

When you seek growth, for the benefit of mankind, you will be flooded with inspiration. It might be a post you want to write or an event you want to host. That is your purpose seeking expression through you.

When you set your sights on something, pay attention to the ideas and inspiration that comes to you. And follow them with faith.

Don’t hold on to the idea, post it.

Don’t put off the event, run it.

It’s another step on your journey to full expression.

The Universe can’t magic up the solution without help, but it can draw towards you the ideas, the people and the resources you might need to bring it to life.

It is your job to spot these opportunities, express gratitude for your ability to use them and, of course, take action on them today.

Put another way, you might call this a move to ‘Co-create with the Universe’.


(4) All physical things begin in thought


That course you joined? It was an idea on a piece of paper not that long ago.

That top you’re wearing? It was a sketch not that long ago.

That building you’re in? You guessed it!

All physical things begin in thought. All things we think can become physical. Things evolve in time and through testing. The first version can never be the final version. But it can be perfect for right now.

Therefore, our job is to listen, cultivate the idea and learn as we go to make it more and more useful and more and more functional for the people who can benefit from its existence.

If you can think it, you can hold it in your hand as they say.

But someone, somewhere, must take the first step to built it, to bring it from the formless to the physical.

Forget perfection. Put out the first pants version today.

Maybe that person is you?


(5) Feelings are everything


There is action and there is positive intent. Both must be done together to manifest what you desire.

Have you ever hoovered the stairs for your partner or flatmate or parent and done it begrudgingly? When the apparent ‘beneficiary’ returned home, they found it hard to be grateful. They could see the task had been done, but it wasn’t done with love and positive intent. It’s almost better not done at all!

All things come down to energy and vibration. What you give out comes back to you.

With every task you do, try to find a smile, focus on your vision as you do it, reaching for a better thought in every moment. Pour positive intent into it and the rewards will be vast.

At its most basic level, manifestation and the law of attraction come down to vibration and energy. What you feel, you will get more of. Every time you become conscious of a bad feeling or energy, reach for a higher thought, reach for a better thought. And your life will change dramatically.




Expand today:


This week, don’t seek clarity on your vision but on what you’re being called to bring into the world.

Ask these questions and act on the answers:

What is the inspiration coming to you?

What are you being called to say, do, run or create?

What adjustments can you make to ensure you have your ship point towards the right port?

What truth do you wish to share with the world?

What is the better quality thought you can reach for right now?


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