Entrepreneur's Contradiction

The Entrepreneur’s Contradiction

I live with a serious contradiction. 🤷‍♀️⤵️


On one side I shout PUT OUT YOUR FIRST SH*T VERSION. Make the quickest viable product, launch it NOW 🚀 and improve it from there.


And I MEAN it. I put a lot of focus on helping my clients launch quickly. 💪


It’s not that I want people to launch rubbish into the market. It’s that I know people have been sat on an idea for a book, a course, a workbook etc. etc. for years. I know that what they have in their mind is perfect for right now. I know that the second they launch, a new wave of inspiration will hit to make it even better.


That’s one side. There is another…⬇️


I also insist on identifying a mission so deep, so big, so important that you can never truly nail it in one year or two. It could take a decade. And you’ll need the resilience, focus and commitment to see it through.


Often, the thinking is too hard 😬 for one conversation or one coach. What starts as a post for Instagram could become a book. The idea for a coaching programme could be an entire school for purpose driven entrepreneurs to learn about business. The idea you have to help your friend might become a charity that helps 1000s of people.


This is what Expansion Business School is to me. It’s a decade’s work I began this year. It’s a fuzzy idea I’m working to define. It’s a landing page soon to become an entire members area web site with localised meet-ups, expert training and live events. It’s big. 💯


We all have something like this within us. A book. A business model. A movement. And I just wanted to acknowledge today that I share your confusion. That odd mix of exited energy and confused exhaustion.


I too swing from moments of insane clarity and passion to moments of terrible doubt and confusion. 🤯 This is what happens when you commit to building something, to creating something, to bringing something special into the world.


So if you find yourself asking “What is this?”, “Who is it for?” and “What impact am I trying to have?”, please don’t turn away from the questions. Sleep, eat, rest. And lean even further into each question.⤵️


You have the power within you to bring this to light. The idea was given to you for a reason. ➡️ So put out your First Sh*t Version and let the decade of improvement commence!


*rolls up sleeves ready for action 💪


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Lisa Bean is the founder of Expansion Business School. Teaching purpose driven entrepreneurs how to build scalable six figure businesses. If you’d like to find out more, hop on the brand new masterclass she just created: 7 Stages to Six Figures.