5 Day Step Up Challenge

Live Webinar Series: The 5 Day Challenge

 Today I woke up in a converted Hen House, which Alice keeps calling the “Hen Pen”. I think that has a certain ring to it so let’s go with that.
So we’re in this Hen Pen. In Gloucester.
And it’s silent.
No traffic, no airplanes, no people.
Well, okay, there are our hosts who live in their eco friendly house down the grass lane, the 10 year old resident cat (Missy) and the 7 gorgeous hens who seem quite content in each other’s company.
But other than that, it’s just me and Alice.
We came here for two reasons. Firstly, we’re meeting two of the wonderful women who’ve been through the DARETOGROW / Online Course to create beautiful ‘vlog style’ testimonials of how the course has impacted their lives. Meeting them both felt like meeting up with old friends, even though I’d never met Sam before and I’d only met Amie a handful of times in another lifetime (we’d worked together on a corporate project years ago). Meeting them both was ammmazzzing. I’m still buzzing.
And secondly, we came here to work on our dreams.
Alice is sat to my right, typing away, with a cup of hot Tumeric Gold tea. She’s found a deep love of writing over the last year which is amazing because she always told me adamantly “I am not a writer”. Now, she spends whole days crafting the most beautiful messages that she sends out as ‘Love Mail’ to people on her weekly mailing list.
I have a regular ole brew with a few vegan cookies Alice bought me at the local deli. I say ‘a few’ as I wouldn’t like to specify the number. Ahem.
We’ve only got an hour before we leave – we’re meeting back up with Sam for dinner at a local pub – and I found myself looking at this photo on my phone.
It was taken last week in Tynemouth, on Longsands Beach.
I’d been crying on and off all day, faffing on with bits of work but not really doing anything at all.
Realising the day was going to pass me by I said to Alice: “Let’s go on a walk and get some fresh sea air”.
On the walk I started talking about The Online Course and how it felt to be launching it for the 7th time.
It’s scary. Exciting, but scary too and not for the reason you might think.
It’s not because I’m scared to make the videos or put myself out there. It’s not because I’m scared it won’t sell or people won’t like it.
It’s scary because it marks a shift in me: a levelling up. Releasing version 7 of this course is not just a new version of the course: it’s a new version of me.
And that’s what was making me cry…
I have to step up: to my vision, to the people who join and to my dream. I have to let go of who I was and step into the next level of who I can become.
Now that’s scary! And it’s worth a tear or two. Am I right?!
Because, even though I look ‘all together’ in the vlogs haha, I still have moments of wanting to skip the day and get back into bed with a Harry Potter boxset.
But as Rumi said “What you seek is seeking you” and I know that’s true. I can’t ignore this calling in me to share what I know about how to change your life and come back into alignment with who you really are. It makes me happy and it’s pulling me forward. It’s my destiny.
Of course, I have limitations too; self limiting beliefs….baggage.
We all do.
We’re all human and following our dreams is scary.
And that’s okay.
You can be scared and still take action. You can be unsure and still take a punt. You can have doubt and still try.
Because this is what it means to act on your dreams: it means stepping up to the calling of who you are and what you can bring to the world. No matter what level you’re at or how long you’ve been at it (or avoiding it hehe).
That day on the beach, throwing the ball for Betsy (the cocker) and watching the waves come in and out I decided: I’m stepping up for my dreams. For you…
And now I’m daring you to step up for yours.
And so here’s my invitation to you.
All next week I’ll be challenging you to step up to your dreams, to take a punt on what lights you up and to face the purpose you were born to live out.
It all begins with a 40 minute webinar. Tune in and I won’t just show you how to change your life, I’ll go one better…
I’ll get you into a peak state and move you from fear to action so you can make a promise to yourself right there and then on the webinar. You’ll make a commitment to take one small step every day for the next 5 days in a bid to change your life. It will be small, doable, realistic and personal to you. And I’m betting you, the decision you make in a peak state will SURPRISE YOU.
So be sure to tune in…
To join me, book your place on the webinar – I’m running 4 in total – let’s get to work…
Our dreams are calling.
Lisa #DARETOGROW x x x

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