[VLOG] how to change your mindset today

“FUDDGGGE”… Recognise that yell? That’s right, you’ve just stubbed your toe.


As your toe creates it’s own heartbeat, you’re wailing around on the floor making some weird hissing noises. Fast forward 4 hours, do you remember the pain? Not entirely, or not at all. That’s the thing with pain, it’s so fleeting we often don’t remember how it felt in the moment. Pain is physical, the human body recognises that pain and once it’s done, it’s done. In a bit pain, peace.



However, suffering is a completely new realm. The body doesn’t want to suffer, so it doesn’t. Once the initial pain has passed, the body lets go. But the mind does not. It’s been said that “suffering is the notion of holding onto the pain that once was”.



Pain is different to suffering.



When we are told pain is different to suffering, it’s often hard to dissect one from the other. Whereas pain can be found in the receptors deep within our skin, suffering is the extension to that physical feeling. I’ve used the word extension because suffering is usually a lengthy process, if you’ve ever had your heart broken then you’ll know what suffering is. The feeling that something is never going to get better, the ecstasy you felt feels like it’s never coming back and you’ll never be the same person you once were.



ALAS, you were wrong. Suffering is part of the human experience, but eventually, always, it get’s better.



We can get so caught up in what’s going on in our life that we forget to stay present in the moment and if anything, falsify the GOOD experience we are having by not allowing ourselves to experience it properly.



Maybe you’re in a bad situation, you’re in debt, maybe something isn’t working out, maybe you’re not happy in your job or home or relationship. Try not to let your situation take over. It’s important to understand that you don’t need to suffer once the pain has passed.



You can practise this shift by staying present in the moment, examining if the ‘threat’ is real and by moving to creation.



Not allowing your situation to lean over you and dictate how you should feel in your day-to-day is a bloody-powerful tool. USE IT.



Want to cry? Watch a film that you KNOW sets you off (crying is a necessity)
Want to laugh? Go to a comedy night.
Want to fill up on MSG? Treat yourself to a takeaway that you don’t usually allow yourself to have. (it’s not a sin every once in a while)