[Vlog 194] THIS is Everything!

What you know so far got you here. To build a new life you’ll need a new mindset, new skills and new knowledge.


Think about it…what you know, what you believe and what you’re capable of got you here. In order to move to the next level, you’ll need to invest time, energy and money in acquiring and developing the tools needed for the next level.


That might be therapy to process past traumas. That might be a coach to work on what you think is possible. That might be an online course to learn Facebook ads. That might be a networking group to meet new people. That might be new books for inspiration.


You can have, be, do anything you want. But, to get it, you must first upgrade your knowledge, skills and belief system.


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My name’s Lisa and I’m a Transformational Coach, Speaker and Vlogger living in Tynemouth, Newcastle (North East). Having built two traditional six-figure businesses by the time I was 30, I knew that ‘success’ wasn’t what I wanted. What I wanted was to be happy. Very happy. And so I set about on a mission to uncover my purpose, get over depression and build my dream life. Now I show others how to do the same.


Also obsessed with dogs, vegan baking and marketing.




In my ‘daily vlogs’, I bring you behind the scenes as I change my life and build my dream business. Each day I show you a new technique for changing your life, making a living doing what you love or building your dream life.


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