[VLOG 286] Wait! A £50 Coffee in Venice?? I blame my parents for this one!

And the journey continues! Join us for 19,000 steps around Venice.


This place was on my list for travel in 2020 but when lockdown happened, I didn’t know if it was still possible!


Then in August 2020 we made a decision! We hopped in the car, drove to the Eurotunnel and hit Italy a few days later. Heading east to Venice was a no brainer before heading back west to France.


In today’s vlog, join us as a we literally COVER Venice in a day. I absolutely LOVED this place and can’t wait to go back…this time with a little more time! And more money for those coffees haha!





In the vlog, I share some insights from the unusual walking tour! Let me clarify the etymology of two words I talk about for absolute clarity. I love etymology! Isolation has roots in the Latin word for “island,” and quarantine has origins in the French for “forty” or “a forty day period.” … Initially, the French word ‘quarantaine’ (“about forty”) was borrowed with the meaning “a period of forty days.”


Lisa, Founder DARETOGROW




Lisa Bean is the founder of the multiple six figure business DARETOGROW and author of the Amazon topping book First Sh!t Version. Through her online programmes she teaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs how to launch a business to make a living doing what they love and how to scale that business to six figures online.


Having sold over £1m of services in her businesses (across marketing, recruitment and online training), Lisa specialises in helping people craft their stand out message, launch their offer and scale using funnel and content marketing. She is a self confessed video geek and regularly releases vlogs of her travels and business journey.


From the UK originally, Lisa recently put her belongings into storage to travel around Europe with her partner and whippet.




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