[VLOG 199] Behind the scene’s at Alice’s New Moon Party

When I look at what Alice has created with the new moon parties she runs each month, I am convinced we each have greatness within us. Our job is to follow that calling, act on motivation and do the work to remove the blocks that are stopping the flow of energy in our lives.

Each month, Alice welcomes 40 women into our home over two days to celebrate the new moon and set bold new intentions for the month ahead.

It’s a beautiful sacred ritual and it is beautiful to be a part of it.

As Alice says: We can see the moon as if she is our life coach in the sky. It is a time for setting new intentions, planting and nurturing new seeds and welcoming what we want into our life.

What is your intention for the month ahead?

P.s if this is right up your street and you’d love to come to a future party, join Alice’s weekly Love Mail for news of the next parties or follow her on Instagram ‘AliceAllum’ – http://thebeplatform.com/weekly-love/


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