How to hit your first 10k month

In today’s video we’re going to share with you the 5 steps to hitting your first 10k month. Again, think of your intentions as a ship pulling in the direction of travel. Imagine the port is 10k this month. Point and AIM!


Without further ado, here they are; the 5 steps towards your FIRST 10k month…


  1. Set the intention: you’re probably thinking, well duh, isn’t that obvious? With each goal, you need a deadline. Figure out when you’re going to hit 10k and set a timeline. Ask yourself: when? Once you have the answer, you’ve set the date, the intention. Make sure you think about it every day. Again, stick it on the fridge, when it’s there in front of you it helps you to bring in to focus. It’s drilled into your psyche and that date becomes more than a date, it’s a goal… It’s your first 10k month!


  1. Break it down: figure out what 10k looks like in money (what will you do with that all important revenue), in clients (10 purpose driven entrepreneurs), in products (5 drones). Do the maths, 2 clients at £5,000, 5 x £2,000 – so on, and so forth. When you have that equation, write it down and keep it somewhere safe.


  1. Decide on your product and service: another seemingly obvious point however an important one to get absolutely correct. You need to make it clear what it is that you’re bringing to market. What is the product? How much are you charging? Think about it like a sat nav; pick a destination and avoid shortcuts. Think about your social media and your website. Where are you marketing this new or existing product? Is it absolutely crystal clear that this is what you have in focus, at this current time, on your various platforms? Most importantly, have no interruptions and clear out the noise that might distract people from what you’re marketing.


  1. Plan a launch: launches are not dead, in fact they’re nothing short of magic. Even if your product is accessible all year round, a launch every 6 months or so will drive in new traffic. Reminding people what you’re offering, bringing in new customers and keeping interest in your world, into your service. You want to create a buzz when planning a launch: bring people on the journey with you.


How to plan a 10k launch: Watch on YouTube




  1. Make it unmissable: here is where you get the chance to personalise your product. People often recognise and respect products that go the extra mile. Offer something to make it pop, for example; early bird discount or a welcome package. Decide what is the incentive to joining. Make it exciting! Ask yourself; what can I add? What bonuses can I include? What can I give away with this awesome product that makes people think “this is it, I have to be in this” “I have to be in NOW.”


Oh and don’t forget to say to yourself “This month I am earning 10k” – once the intention is there, and you’ve broken it down. Decide and make it clear.


DARETOGROW presents: How to hit your first 10k month