I know you’re on a mission to change the world and I want to help you do that because that’s my mission too. As a leader in your space, it’s important to build a compelling brand, reach new people, offer life changing services and build a profitable business that enables you to work your magic.

Six Month Programme 

Work with me 121 for six months to deepen your understanding of your purpose, set a bold new vision, launch a movement and grow your business.

Uncover your purpose and set a bold new vision for your life

Take action and overcome the barriers holding you back

Launch a movement to change the world

Build your dream business and make a living from your passion

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How does it work?

We start by booking an introductory session to set your intentions. Following the first session, I will work with you for six months to achieve your goals.

The first half of the programme is coaching based where I help you to uncover your purpose, set your vision and formalise your goals. The core outcomes here include a detailed plan for your online movement, a cashflow plan and a marketing plan.

The second half is more consultancy based. I not only offer practical advice and support to help you launch your new idea but I will even help you to develop your branding materials, build your web site, create your free give away to build your mailing list and I’ll train you on how to run your Facebook ads. The core outcomes include branding materials, a web site and an operational marketing funnel.

This is an intensive and fast-paced programme and I only work this closely with people who are ready to launch an online offering to change the world. We work together to make this happen so the more time and energy you’re able to invest in this programme the more you’ll get out of it.

Lisa Bean Pixie Hair Cut

How can I help? 

Hi! My name is Lisa Bean and I am a transformational speaker, coach and writer. I’m blessed to have had a varied, fast paced and rewarding business life. Here are some of my recent key achievements.

In the last four years I’ve built two six figure bricks and mortar businesses and recently launched my first online business – DARETOGROW.

In 2016 I changed every aspect of my life in order to launch my dream business – DARETOGROW – and am now writing a book to share the transformational techniques I used to change my life.

I’ve worked with six and seven figure businesses all over the UK to set highly successful marketing and business growth strategies that have led to significant business growth.

Through DARETOGROW, I’ve run my own event series, selling out events month after month in Manchester and Newcastle. I’ve also spoken at entrepreneurial events and on stage for large businesses.

I’ve built and run my own online course – The Six Week Kickstart – creating all content (web, video and marketing) personally.

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What’s included?

6 x 2-hour face to face coaching sessions – I’ll travel to you and we’ll tackle the big stuff

Business and marketing advice – We’ll work together to write your strategy and build your marketing plan and I’ll share my knowledge and experience on marketing and business growth

Weekly focus calls to check in on progress and deal with challenges as they arrive – this really helps to keep the momentum going

You’ll get full access to the six week kickstart programme and private Facebook group which includes weekly motivational videos, private Facebook live events and other support tools

Key branding materials including your logo, graphics and design files 

Your very own web site with a working marketing funnel to help you connect with future clients 

As part of this programme, call me any time for advice or to work through a particular challenge. I’m here for your personal transformation and success in building an online business that serves the world.

What are my fees?

The total cost of this programme is £6990, payable in monthly instalments.

If you’d like to talk about how this can work for you call me on 07969 075633, email me at or click the link to fill in my enquiry form.

Let’s do this!

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