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What to do now?

Just before the full realisation of everything hit the UK, I finished recording a 90 minute webinar to promote my key business programme. That night, I couldn’t download the webinar because so many people had understandably dived onto Zoom.


The recording took days to process because of the new influx of people online so instead of waiting, I filmed it again, this time recording it to my desktop.


I spent a full day editing it, adding clips to evidence my points and jazzing it up with music and logos etc. I can be a bit over the top like that!


That night it went live and I went to bed, triumphant!


The opening 10 minutes spoke about the freedom to eat, sleep, live, work anywhere in the world. I mentioned specifically the gift of being able to see your family and spend time with them when you wanted, wherever you wanted.


When I woke up, the UK was in lockdown. Flights were grounded and we were all being told to stay home, protect our NHS and save lives.


No longer was my messaging out of date, it was insensitive!


I dipped my head, got showered and set about refilming an introduction to replace the one I had.


Rewatching it later that I day I knew it still wasn’t right.


I wanted to help people now. The advice had to be so specific. And it had to be done sensitively.


My approach simply had to evolve.


So I put the kettle on, sat down at 10:45 that night and began writing what would become an 8000 word document.


I didn’t stop until I’d written everything I wanted people in my community to know about how to adapt their businesses for survival and how to position themselves for growth as we move through this.


I shared the key points in a webinar in my private communities, then emailed everyone on my list the PDF.


The response has been amazing:


“only watched 20mins – saved rest for later. that was enough to give me a kick up the bum and just get going”


“My biggest takeaway from last night…. We are entrepreneurs and we need to step up!!”


“Loved it! I got straight off and set my little film studio up last night and I’m ready to help myself!”


“Although the content was a little bit further on than where I’m at, I found it really helpful and very inspiring; thank you for sharing.”


“Lisa Bean you are way ahead of your time.”


“Great article Lisa, full of fantastic advice at this particular time”


“Thank you so much for sharing that content and it’s a pep talk kick up the butt I really need right now”


“Lisa, I love your emails and thoughts. Thank you for writing this.”


We ARE entrepreneurs. And I believe we are the help we need right now!


So, for anyone who has had the rug pulled from under them in recent weeks, for anyone looking for ways to adapt, shift and grow, for anyone who needs a major pep talk and some actionable advice, this guide is for you.


It’s 8000 words on what to do next, including:


– What exactly has changed and how do I need to respond to this?


– Shall I keep going with what I have or launch something new?


– Can I really sell now? And if so how do I do it?


– Should I be posting more or less right now?


– How do I deal with refunds?


– What should I be saying / doing with my existing clients.


And so much more.


For example, I also cover what to do if your business has been forced to stop trading and you simply can’t get it online.


Now, before you download this guide, you need to know – I don’t hold back. I’m going to tell you exactly what it will take to come out of this swinging. I will be firm, direct and honest. You need to know the truth now about what it’s going to take to get onto firmer ground.


I also want you to know I am sensitive to the life altering effect these changes have had on lives, families and businesses. It is a tragedy in the truest sense of the word and we are still seeing the reality of that unfold.


Whilst I might not be able to help everyone, I believe I can help someone through the content in this document. If that person is you, I hope it gives you hope, direction and a kick up the…





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