Moving on


I’ve wanted to share this video for the longest time, weaving in so many unseen clips from the past 18 months. I’m not quite sure how we’ve pulled it off but I’m really proud of what we’ve created today.


Kudos to Matt on editing for this one!


In today’s video, I want to share with you four key ideas that are helping me process 2020 and move on following a tumultuous time of uncertainty.


For example, one question I asked myself was: Have I grieved the loss off 2020 in my own life? Press play, and keep a journal handy for any thoughts that come up for you.





P.s. Here is the Harvard Business Review article I mentioned in the video:


And here are the memoirs I’ve been reading and LOVING!


Deborah Levy The Cost of Living –

Deborah Levy Things I Don’t Want to Know –

Deborah Levy Real Estate [NEW] –

Patti Smith M Train –

Katy Wix – A Memoir About Cake and Death –


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