Change your life with more ATTRACTION EVENTS [Voice Note #6]

Listen: Today is going to be a GREAT day!


That is something I say to myself and the people in my life every single morning. Right after: “Whose turn is it to get the coffee then?”.


Today IS going to be a great day because I believe in ‘attraction events’ – moments of action that lead to moments of serendipity.


I know that if I get up and share that post, go on that run, reply to that opportunity, write that chapter, put on that event I engage positively in the process of creation and I create moments for change to happen…


Literally – every positive action I take in the direction of my dreams (no matter how small) changes the fabric of my life and gives me more of a chance to make it happen. And that means I have the chance to change my life every single day, every single minute even. RIGHT NOW: What you do in response to this email will change your life.


Remember the triangle of manifestation from last week? This is another call to take inspired action on the ideas that are coming to you because this action creates attraction events; tables we create where chance can take a seat.


Every idea we act on…


Every inspired post we share…


Every yes we utter…


Create moments of serendipity; moments where change can happen.


And today I’d like to invite you to create more moments of attraction in your life.


Press play to hear what I mean.