Are you ready to build your dream business in 2018?

How to launch your dream business in 2018

Ooh ee this gets me excited! I believe we all have the right to make a living doing what we love. The key is not to think about launching a business, but to think about ‘launching a movement’ to change the world.

How do you launch your dream business? Where will I get my customers from? How will I make enough money to pay my bills? Oh yes, I know those questions well! They’re questions we all ask when taking the leap into launching our own businesses. Let me give you a new way to think about it…


Too many people are in a rush to quit their jobs and run their businesses. They focus on the money and the brand and sacrifice what really matters: building their dream lives and making a difference in the world. Start by expanding your timelines. It will take you two to four years to build your dream life and make a living doing what you love so think of your employer as your investor. If you hate your job, that won’t do! Get another job while you launch your business on the side.


Give as much time to your new business as possible: pour your heart and soul in adding value, building relationships and being of service. Then, build the best possible version of your product or service you can at this stage and get it out to the world. Build and develop it as you go.


Save as much money as you can. Do as much as you can for yourself in the beginning. Read, learn, go on training courses. Find someone who is doing what you want to do and learn from them.


Think of who you want to help and start adding value right now, without expecting anything in return. Start a blog, share inspirational quotes, put on an event in your community and start to build relationships with the people you want to help.


Take some time to build the very best product or service you can at this stage and then release it to your new audience. Don’t wait for perfection! You can edit and develop it as you go.


Continue to learn, develop, practice and grow whilst sharing what you know with more and more people. Focus on building a community: your customers will be in your community.

Free Training Video: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love

To get you started on this journey, press play on this free video training. In this video I will share with you a model for launching and building your dream business that will change your life forever! The key is to focus on building a community first by adding insane value up front. When you release your product or service, make sure your community knows what you’re about and the transformation you can offer in their lives first.


Further down this page, you will find my best collection of vlog, blogs and strategies to help you launch and build your dream business. This page is updated every single day with brand new ideas, inspirational content and specific techniques you can use to launch your dream business and make a living doing what you love in 2018. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

To uncover your purpose and build a life of passion and meaning, you must be willing to give up the expectations of other people and go within to ask “What lights me up and what am I here to do?”. 

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