Launch your business in 2021, and finally learn what it takes to say goodbye to your job! And I ain’t joking.

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Can I be honest?


This isn’t a course to dabble in. If you’re not serious about launching a business that will eventually replace your salary and allow you to quit your job and support your family full time then this isn’t the right course for you.


I’ve built the PREEX course to show you what it really takes to position value in the world, to launch a business (online or face to face) and make £5,000 – £8,000 a month so you can quit your job and live life your way, on your terms: To be in full control of your life.


When you sign up today, I will email you access to the first four videos from that course, including the comprehensive worksheets. This is the ultimate test drive of PREEX so you can decide wholeheartedly if this is the right next-step for you.


I love business. I love the freedom it has given me and the skills I’ve learnt. But being in business is also hard. It takes girt, resilience and unrelenting determination to succeed.


If you’re hungry for more in your life, if you never want to request holiday leave ever again and you want the power to live life on your terms, sign up and buckle in. This will be the ride of your life!


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WELCOME - Learn how to find time to build your business when you're flat out busy (yup, I know!) AND the number one approach the masters leverage to KNOW success is coming their way.

BUSINESS MODEL - Decide on the nature of the business you want, price your first offer (even before you've decided on what's in it! You'll see why...) and commit to your new future right here, right now.

VALUE - Learn how to position something original of value that people actually want to buy, learn how to speak to customers so they'll listen and learn how to stand out in a crowded online space. This is a game changer.

CUSTOMER - Go far beyond the 'Customer Avatar' and learn how to really understand, speak to and sell to your perfect customer so your get a lot more sign ups, conversations and sales.

How to start an online business