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It’s time to scale that shiz up baby!

Can you imagine…

Having a coach and mentor who has achieved what you want to achieve to give you advice, review your work and tell you 'Yep, you're on the right tracks'

Having access to the story telling, Facebook ad and community building training behind the multiple six figure business that is DARETOGROW?

Being able to hang out (online and in person) with other entrepreneurs with your ambition and drive; other entrepreneurs on your level who are building something like you

Having the chance to quiz Lisa every month on live calls with your unique questions as and when they come up.

Having someone to give you feedback on your work, including your landing page copy, your business strategy and your social media content approach?

Knowing someone has your back and wants you to succeed?

Ooh ooh and you get lifetime access so can stay as long as you like!

Introducing Expansion Business School Online…

The business school for business owners ready to scale…

Expansion Business School is an epic, fully comprehensive, totally immersive online business training programme for purpose driven entrepreneurs who are ready to scale up to six figures and beyond. But wait…


We DO NOT JUST cover marketing. Wow, no. We will show you how to:


Set a scalable business strategy (I’m serious)


Take your place as a leader in your field (no joke!)


Run profitable launches and sell online courses, coaching programmes, events, masterminds, retreats…(yup, coz we’ve done it!)


Build the belief and persistence needed of six figure business owners (this is everything!).




It’s not just online learning. Nope! We have two live calls EVERY SINGLE MONTH – one to teach you something from The Vault (what Lisa is learning and leveraging RIGHT NOW) and one to answer your questions live.


This is not just an online course. It’s a commitment to GROWTH.

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Best Value



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Save when you pay in full. £750 + 20% VAT = £900

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£1152 in total when paid OVER 12 months. £80 + 20% VAT = £96.

Who’s it for?

This is perfect for you if:

You have already launched your business and are ready and willing to do the work to build a multiple six figure business with consistent £10k, £20k, and even £50k months.

You have already launched your business and are ready and willing to do the work to build a multiple six figure business with consistent £10k, £20k, and even £50k months.

You are purpose driven and heart centred meaning you care about changing people’s lives and changing the world.

You are looking for a mentor with real experience: someone you can bounce ideas around with, someone who will hold a mirror up to you.

You are excited about hiring a kick ass team to help your business scale.

You want to learn the latest techniques in strategy and online marketing to generate leads without being present.

You are excited to meet new business owners on a similar journey and crave the chance to meet up with and mastermind with creative, clever thinkers just like you.

You are craving time, space and support as you set and deliver on a plan for growth.

You are able to invest in this course to grow your business dramatically.

This is not for you if:

You have a fixed mindset and don’t want to try new approaches (such as altering your pricing structure, changing your offering and working on your market positioning).

It’s all about the money. Our crew is here to change the frickin’ world.

You can’t commit the time to do the work in the training programme.

You can't afford the programme and joining will put you in real financial hardship.

Client Testimonial

“So much more than just a business school” | Jo Buchan Testimonial

I joined Expansion for support. I was in a place in my life that I needed the expertise from someone to help me scale and grow my business. In 6 months, I’ve created an online course, held a sold out retreat in Mallorca and now I’m launching a six month Ayurvedic Medicine program.


Expansion has pushed my belief of what I am capable of to the next level. The live sessions keep me inspired and motivated. The weekends and meeting the most incredible group of people on the same journey is a huge bonus, we are all expanding together. This is so much more than just making money. It’s exactly what Lisa says it’s about finding your purpose and making a living doing what you love.

Five Stars

Joann, Co-Founder of Strength & Soul 

How does it work?

Full lifetime access

You’re about to join the very first cohort of EBS 2.0. On 28th February you’ll be given an all access pass to the full course. You might choose to follow it in order (I would definitely recommend this) but you might also want to dive into a particular topic, like Facebook ads.


The course is set up to guide you step by step as you set your new six figure vision, strategy, operations plan and marketing & sales plan. Watch the incredible videos, complete the worksheets and share your progress in the Facebook group.


Each month, you’ll have the chance to hop on a live call with Lisa and your fellow Expansioners to ask your unique questions! She often hops on people’s web sites, reviews their work live and gives incredibly powerful, specific and in depth feedback and guidance. Hello golden nuggets of guidance and wisdom!


Each month, you’ll also have the chance to hop on a live webinar with Lisa as she does live run throughs of hot topics such as end to end launch processes, how to go evergreen, how to sell online, Instagram ads and more!


To do list and photo

Client Testimonial

“I’ve launched my own online programme” | Kerry O’Sullivan’s Testimonial

When you’re a purpose driven entrepreneur with a wonderful message to share with the world, it can be frustrating and overwhelming learning the processes, strategies and tech needed to share that message far and wide. That’s why, in Expansion Business School, we break it down for you step by step, with Lisa on hand to answer any questions, provide feedback and make bespoke recommendations along the way.


Press play to hear Kerry’s experience of EBS, and how she overcame her worries around processes and tech to launch her online programme with the world!


Thank you so much for sharing this Kerry.

Five Stars

Kerry is a leading authority on EAM and Tantric Embodiment empowering professionals to reconnect to all of life

What’s included? 

Lifetime access to the complete Expansion Business School Online Learning Programme, including 50+ training videos, and new live training every month. We're going to walk you through this step by step.

100+ page physical workbook, performance journal and abundance diary, which you receive in the post.

A live monthly training session via Zoom.

A monthly live Q&A to ask any questions you have.

A life changing training weekend in the UK.

Meet-ups in various cities around the UK such as Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds and London.

Access to a private Facebook group to share your work, network and ask for support and feedback.

Client Testimonial

“We’re all pushing ourselves to the next level” | Claire Standen Testimonial

“There is a lot of talk out there in the world about anxiety and stress and not a lot of it is saying that’s a natural process through which growth happens. When I come into a programme like Expansion Business School, that’s a given and we take our work from there. We’re all comfortable with the fact we’re pushing ourselves past those blocks.”


Press play to hear what the wonderful Claire Standen of Independent Single Mums has to say about Expansion Business School.

Five Stars

Claire, Founder of Independent Single Mum

Do you want to

Network and mastermind with people on your level

Have access to monthly live training and mentoring calls

Start vlogging or use video marketing to grow your community and build your business

Learn how to use Facebook and Instagram ads to run wildly profitable launches

Learn how to market your business online, moving from one to one to one to many

Work up to multiple five figure launches

Take action, every day, to dramatically scale your business

Have the confidence to hire and build your own team, so you have more free time to work on scaling your business

Build a thriving and engaged online community

Then this is the programme for you!


Lisa’s knowledge base is incredible

The effect on my business has been astounding! Just three months after joining, I’d launched my first online course, something I thought was a year or so away until Lisa got involved. I’m now poised to launch a group coaching programme too. I have learnt so much about running a business – Lisa’s knowledge base is incredible. What I really appreciate is that if I’m struggling, she will jump in and help out. She never leaves anyone floundering or having to work it out for themselves.

Five Stars

Julie, Founder of Six Weeks to Famous 

And let’s not forget the Welcome Box, which includes: 

A 100+ page printed A4 workbook so you can plan your growth strategy, make those tough decisions and map out your launch as you watch each video.

Gold leaf 'Expansion' A6 Abundance Diary, so you can track all of the wonderful things that flow in to your life. We get more of what we focus on and this ritual is powerful!

A beautiful hardback copy of The Science of Getting Rich, a beautiful, uplifting and mind changing book on money, abundance and wealth.

Passport style Expansion Business School stickers and a journal to record your memories over the coming months.

Client Testimonial

Sharron Saundry’s Testimonial | “This is the best course I’ve ever been on”

Sharron graduated into Expansion Business School, having completed DARETOGROW / The Online Course, Lisa’s original course. Whilst The Online Course is perfect for connecting with your purpose and starting up, EBS is the perfect course for taking your business to the next level. The focus is learning what you need to learn to build and scale your business online, including funnel marketing, landing pages, video marketing and even social media advertising.


Press play to hear Sharron’s experience of learning ‘the tech’ from scratch, even though she was new to the online world.


Thank you Sharron, you not only make everyone smile but you show them ‘A Wonderful Life’ truly is possible.

Five Stars

Sharron, Founder of Heart School 


Best Value



Pay in full button

Save when you pay in full. £750 + 20% VAT = £900

Pay Monthly



Pay monthly button

£1152 in total when paid OVER 12 months. £80 + 20% VAT = £96.

Break through as the leader in your space

The people who are still in business in three, five and ten years time will be the ones who define their thought leadership, learn how to communicate their core message through stories and lead people to transformation.

Build a business that can scale on automation

Being in business is super exciting in the beginning but can get very tiring after a few years if the results don’t come in and you’re doing all the work yourself. To keep going, you must find ways to automate, outsource, hire and scale.

Develop a new mindset to manage growth

Have you ever experienced a huge win, only to repeat old patterns and end up back where you started? To continue to grow to £10k, £20k and even £50k months, you must change your belief system and build a mindset for the leader you are becoming.

Lisa Photostrip

About Lisa

Lisa Bean is the founder of DARETOGROW – the online platform that teaches entrepreneurs how to build scalable businesses around their purpose. She is the host of DARETOGROW TV, producing weekly vlogs and free educational content for entrepreneurs, amassing over one million minutes viewed. She is the founder of DARETOGROW / The Online Course and Expansion Business School. Her new book – First Sh!t Version – hit number #2 on the Kindle charts on day 1.


“I could NEVER have achieved on my own what Lisa has helped me achieve in such a short time”

Expansion has literally been life-changing for me.  I could NEVER have achieved on my own what Lisa has helped me achieve in such a short time. She gave me the courage to come out of the shadows and step into the world showing my passion – as an artist! Not only that but I went straight in at my dream price-point and guess what? I smashed it! Getting 7 superb commissions in the first ten days. An absolute dream come true. If you are on the fence – my advice to you….jump! It will be the best decision you ever made.

Five Stars

Amanda, Founder of Amanda Heath Art


“Lisa has already exceeded my expectations”

As a professional coach myself, I reluctantly joined Expansion about two months ago.  It all sounded a bit too good to be true.  However, through the individual strategy calls and the group coaching exchanges, Lisa has already exceeded my expectations.  Although I’m still at the beginning of the program she has proven time and time again that she is committed to helping me get the results I seek.  I am confident that Lisa will get me to where I want to go.  Thanks to to her energy, passion and commitment, I’m well on my way.

Five Stars

Tim, Founder of Path to Peak Performance 



Best Value



Pay in full button

Save when you pay in full. £750 + 20% VAT = £900

Pay Monthly



Pay monthly button

£1152 in total when paid OVER 12 months. £80 + 20% VAT = £96.

7 day money back guarantee included

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