How to approach your video content filming in a six figure online business [and how to smash a filming retreat!]


How to approach video content in a six figure online business [and how to smash a filming retreat!]. It’s no secret we LOVE video content in DARETOGROW. Our goal is to share one long format video every 8-10 days, teaching something really practical or motivating to help our communities to TAKE ACTION to grow their businesses.



This week, we’d like to bring you behind the scenes and show you HOW we plan and create so much video content for the business. The secret really is filming retreats; filming 8-11 videos in a few short days so we have plenty of content to work with!

Daretogroe filming retreat


It sounds kind of crazy at first, but doing this means Matt (our wonderful in house video editor) has tons of content to work with (which I think is love-hate haha…Matt?), and I can stay focused on growing the business and delivering for clients.


How to plan a filming retreat online business


It took a while to get into a good rhythm with this and learn how to maximise the day and the post production but I think we’re just about getting there!


So, in this video, let us share:


– What we look for in a venue (curtains to block the light are important!);
– How I plan the content leading up to the retreat (I don’t nail it all in advance!);
– To script or not to script (hello bullets stuck to the tripod!);
– How to maximise the time during the filming retreat (Can we say coffee machine?!); and,
– What I do to keep the anxiety to a minimum ‘on the day’.


video content online business


I hope you enjoy. If you do, please do take a second to like, comment and let us know. We really, really appreciate it.


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