How we create so much epic content in the business

Content for our social media feeds is a huge part of (1) How we grow our business in DARETOGROW but also (2) How we serve and build a deeper relationship with our community.


In this video, I’m going to walk you through in detail and step by step exactly how we produce so much content for our social media feeds. Starting with how we come up with our content ideas, through to which format we prefer and how we chop up and repurpose that content to maximise the messages across different social media platforms.



This process for content creation has been an absolute game changer in the growth of our business. I hope it inspires you to think differently about your content creation strategy in 2020 and beyond!


Step 1 – We ask “what do our future clients and existing community need to hear / learn from us?”. And we create a list of ideas.


Step 2 – We film 2-4 epic bits of ‘long format’ videos a month, edit it and upload that core content to YouTube, Facebook, our web site and send it out on the mailer.


Step 3 – We break that long format copy up into as many mini videos as we can, sized for the different platforms. We then add subtitles.


Step 4 – We turn that core content into graphics and quotes and sometimes we write it up. Some people prefer to read than watch. We also export the audio for podcast (coming soon).


Step 5 – We share that content on all our platforms over a few weeks, confident that our audience will enjoy the mini snippets, the quote reminders and the full, juicy long format detail. Sometimes we’ll share a mini video weeks later for variety.


The key to this is to become the person who can create powerful core long format content first. This means planning, routine, structure. Then consider how you can repurpose it on the various platforms.

Content first, growth second.


And if you don’t like video, just do the same process with written or audio – long format first, then break it up.


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