MISTAKES I keep seeing in business…and how to avoid them for more business growth!


“Lisa, what stops people making money online?”


Asked no-one ever lol.


Most people ask: how do you sell in a webinar, where do I build my sales page, how do I stay motivated. Hello future video titles!


But today I want to take matters into my own hands and tell you the four things I probably feedback on most often to paying clients at all levels.


I think as we open this conversation, you’ll see common mistakes you’re making in your online business, and you’ll see wonderful and unique ways to grow your business online, in a way that feels aligned, and, dare I say…easy?


Being in business can be hard. There is a lot to learn, like how to put a commercially viable offer together, how to close a one-to-one sale, how to build a working funnel.


But it can also be easy. IF you follow the inspiration that comes up, IF you follow your heart and build something that feels good to you, IF you do the work and show up today, for an easier tomorrow.


Let’s talk about all of this.



I’ve been reflecting on the online programmes I run, asking myself: What mistakes do I see over and over? What stops people from growing and scaling their online businesses?


There seems to be four things I pick up on and talk about on repeat. In today’s episode, I’d like to run through them and highlight ways for you to grow your online business in 2022, avoiding these four common mistakes.