Three things to share with your team

(1) What is your vision? What are you trying to build? What impact do you want to have as a business, a brand, a team? What does OUTSTANDING look like to you? If they don’t know, they can’t help you build it. Let them help you: Share your vision.

(2) How do you communicate? What has your wonderful community grown to expect? What style do you use? What language do you use? What ‘feeling’ do you want your content to create online? What’s okay and what’s not okay. Let your team know so they can continue that relationship with your community.

(3) Share your expectations. What do you want each person, specifically, to do? How can they add value to the business, to your community? What do you need from them vs. what is nice to have? Give them some parameters so they can see how they can bring their own style and creativity to the business.

And ask them the exact same questions in return:

What’s your vision.
How do you communicate.
What are your expectations of this role, of me?

Building a team is such an honour and a privilege. And it’s a two way street. Help your team to add value, help them to use their own creativity, help them to help you build the business.