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The Six Figure Webinar

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As a good person with an important message, I had to accept I needed to build scale in my business to have the kind of impact I imagined having in the world.


This meant increasing my revenue in predictable and reliable ways.


This meant hiring a team to help me deliver consistently.


This meant building an infrastructure that could scale.


This meant stepping into my place a leader, with a strong message and a brand people wanted to support.


Having built two six figure businesses before – one in recruitment and one in marketing – I knew exactly what to do.


You see, the approach required to scale to six figures and multiple six figures is so different to the approach needed to get a business off the ground.


Getting off the ground requires hustle, guts, commitment, long hours, belief, working a job on the side, dealing with disbelief from others…


Scaling to multiple six figures requires brand, a team, strategy, infrastructure, campaigns, financial plans, the mindset of a leader.


It’s very very different.


In this, the first training of its kind, I’m going to lift the veil on what it really takes to build a scalable six figure business.


And I’m going to walk you through the 7 stages you need to pay attention to in order to build a scalable multiple six-figure business.


I’m going to bring you behind the scenes and show you how I launched and scaled three six figure businesses in the last few years.


I’m going to show you what’s working in marketing right now.


And I’m going to share with you the secret that allowed me quadruple my revenue in DARETOGROW in the last 12 months.


My intention? To show purpose driven entrepreneurs how to build a sustainable, scalable business built on solid ground so they can continue their mission in the world, whilst making living doing what they love.


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