Reading in waterstones 3

Why I love books

Books are everything to me! From the very first personal development book I ever bought – Recipe for Success – to the book I’m reading right now about the wisdom we gain from ageing dogs (which is melting my heard by the way!), I would honestly be LOST without them.


It was books on the law of attraction, the brain and mental health that helped me overcome depression.


It was books on money and money mindset that helped me get out of debt.


It was books on strategy and operations that helped me build my businesses.


When I couldn’t afford coaches and training, I turned to books.


When I needed a private boost to keep me motivated, I turned to books.


When my brain wouldn’t switch off and I need to just STOP, I turned to books.


I love books. I love everything about them: the look, the bind cracking (so sorry!!), the buying process…but if there’s one thing I love more than anything it’s that someone, somewhere sat down over many months and years and bravely and boldly put pen to paper to share their journey, their wisdom and their insights for our benefit.


They formed an outline, they chose chapter headings, they corrected ‘their’ to ‘there’…and then Googled to check they had it write. I mean right.


And one day, they said “Yes, that’s it. It is complete” and they sent it out into the world.


To tell you now that I have written a book and it is being born into the world this month gives me shivers.


Do I really have something to contribute? Might I call myself an author? Will you enjoy and benefit from the words I have written?


This is my first ever book and it’s coming.


This month, I will be putting on a very special event to celebrate this moment: An event to launch the book on its way.


I would love nothing more than to share this moment with you; a moment that can never again be repeated.


Would you like to join me on Thursdays 30th January to launch these words into the world?


Would you like to join me in meeting and greeting other incredible members of this DARETOGROW community?


Would you like to take an evening out to focus on yourself and what you want from this month, this year, your life?


At the event, I will be delivering a brand new transformational talk, I will be sharing with you some of the stories from the book and I will be meeting as many of you as possible!


This is an incredibly special opportunity to celebrate everything that Daretogrow have become over these last few years, to spend a night dedicated to your own personal growth and to meet other members from this incredible community.


I cannot wait for this moment.


I hope you can join us.


You can find out more and book your £30 ticket here –