Average of 5 people

5 People | By Fiona Ng

I spotted this text on a friend’s instagram feed last night – plain black text on a plain white background – and I loved every word. So many people write about ‘the average of 5 people’ but no-one ever says what that really looks or feels like, let alone recommends who to follow for inspiration. Boom! Inspired. So as soon as I read this I thought: ‘I HAVE to share this with DARETOGROW’. So here it is – thank you so much to Fiona Ng for sharing this with the DARETOGROW community.


You become the average of the 5 people you spend time with…


And the people we spend time with aren’t necessarily the healthiest of people to be around..

Some signs of unhealthy friendships

– You feel drained when you are around them
– All you do is gossip about others together
– They don’t actively listen to you – they always talk about themselves and their problems
– They don’t ask questions as they are so consumed with themselves so they would rarely ask you anything
– You feel negative after being with them, but can’t pin point why?
– They don’t life you up – they are more likely to criticise and judge

It can be difficult of letting go of such relationships so the best thing to do is focus on creating new ones and then these relationships will gradually fade away.

It’s not always easy meeting new people or creating a ‘tribe’ so the best thing to do is…

Work on yourself and focus on becoming the person you want to meet. For example, you can’t expect to have high energy friends if you aren’t high energy.

And you can’t expect to have loving, generous friends if you don’t possess those qualities.

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”

And sometimes you may not be able to physically come across these types of people until you have done the work on yourself.

So where you can start is…

Finding people online and consuming all their free resources, knowledge and wisdom. Their teachings, inspiration, guidance. You know you can invite people like Oprah into your home just by listening to her podcasts each day.

And the more you do this. The more you will start rewiring your brain.


Don’t know where to start???


For men – follow inspirational males such as:

Lewis Howes
Brendon Burchard
Jay Shetty
John Assaraf
Jack Canfield
Tony Robbins
Grant Cardone

And for women follow speakers such as:

Mel Wells
Rachel Hollis
Louise Hay
Lisa Nichols
Gabby Bernstein
Mel Robbins
Jen Sincero

(Just to name a few)

Obviously you can listen to any gender you want as I do. Just if this is the first time you haver ever listened to podcasts/audios then you may resonate with the same sex firstly and then as you go along you learn whose message and story resonates with you and whose doesn’t. And you can find free resources through these types of people that will be life changing for you.

Will you find time to listen/read books from successful people?

Do you want to change your mind and thought patterns for the better?

Do you need to change your current social circles?


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