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Online funnel marketing has changed! What worked last year is not working this year…

Profitable business model

We’ve all seen a funnel. We’ve all been in a funnel. Because of this, it’s getting harder and harder to use funnel marketing to get sign ups to your freebie and therefore make sales…or is it?

Marketing pros are unaffected by the changes in the world because they don’t sit with what they have. They are constantly evolving, improving, leading with exciting new opportunities people want to consume.


Having spent over ten years marketing online I have watched these trends evolve and have been part of the movement for better, more transparent funnel marketing in the industry. It’s why I can spend £1 on social media ads and get £7 – £10 back! In this brand new webinar, I am going to share with you:

How to build a hyper-relevant funnel with an evergreen offer so you can speak directly to buyers in every single launch

Exactly how to position your offer to make sales online right now. I just used this exact approach to generate £35,000k profit from a £1,600 ad spend!

A real life funnel that is working in my business now...including my secret edits that help me speak to more clients who are genuinely excited to work with me.

Grab your spot now and I’ll see you live on Wednesday 31st March 4pm GMT