Have you felt it yet? There is a movement in the world to get more balance in our lives: sleep, rest, time off, taking our time, being present…BEING HUMAN, let’s be honest!
I mean after the ‘HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE’ “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” craze we’re realising it’s not all about slaying it every day. So can I get a hell yer for us in DARETOGROW working on that balance!? Wahoo.
Anyway, I’m making that a priority this year. I’m rather enjoying more sleep after all!
And so, a key part of getting more balance for me in 2018 is getting people in to help me with some of the every day important jobs in my business. As my mum always says: “You can do anything Lisa, but you can’t do it all”. Go Mary, she’s awesome.
Follow the link and press play to find out what I’m doing to take care of myself and get more balance in my life in 2018, whilst scaling up my business. You can do both my friends.
P.s. How ironic…I’m unwell in this vlog. After all my chatter of sleep, running and fitness. I guess that’s a reminder to be humble and respect my body hehe.
Lisa #daretogrow


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