Out with the OLD to make room for the NEW! [VLOG #47]

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Now be honest…how long have you been meaning to sort out that cupboard or that drawer…or that room?? In today’s Vlog I not only tackle ‘the dungeon’ (a book cupboard that has gotten out of control!!) but I dig out some old journals from Jan / Feb 2015. Want to know what I was thinking and feeling just before I began my journey of change? Let me read you some extracts from the scariest and most disruptive time of my life!

Let me know in the comments if you feel inspired to clean out somewhere in your home or office. I’d love to hear what action you’re taking as a result of the vlog! Thank you as ever for all your wonderful comments.


Hi I’m Lisa and I’m a coach, speaker and vlogger living in Tynemouth Newcastle. I share brand new content on how to change your life, how to make a living doing what you love and how to live your dream life almost daily. Also obsessed with dogs, vegan baking and marketing.

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Lisa Bean

Founder of three six figure businesses, Lisa will teach you how to uncover your purpose and how to make a living doing what you love every day. Twice a year Lisa runs an online course called ‘Make Your Move’ to help people launch their movement and change the world. Lisa also runs a consultancy firm, IX7, helping purpose led businesses to have a bigger impact in the world.

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