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[NEW VACANCY] Social Media Administrator



Would you love to work from home, helping to get the message out about how to change your life and make a living doing what you love?


I’m hiring an experienced administrator to help upload and distribute content to the DARETOGROW web site and social media feeds.

You will work remotely, part time, and help me to distribute the daily vlogs and weekly blogs to our growing audience of movement makers! You will also prepare the weekly mailer – the Hump Day Hurrah – so it’s ready to send each week.

This is a part time role and will suit someone who LOVES admin, who wants to work from home and who can work to deadlines without prompting. Perhaps an experienced assistant or administrator who no longer wants to work full time in an office. As I say a lot in my vlogs, there is no point producing content if you can’t help it land in front of the person who needs it so this is a very important role.

To be really transparent, this isn’t a role with a lot of upward movement and so it will suit someone who really wants to do the work but then switch off to enjoy the day. I know you don’t often hear that in job posts but I want to be honest as I think this is a great opportunity for someone who is enjoying their time at home but wants to do an important job and earn an income. Getting this content out to the world in 2018 is one the keys to success for DARETOGROW.




Start date: 1st April 2018

Hours: Part time

Place of work: Remote

Salary: Based on experience





Each working day, I will create a vlog and each week I will create two – four blogs. (A lot of content.) The Social Media Executive would then:

Work with my freelance graphic designer to create a vlog cover (for YouTube and Facebook).

Work with my freelance graphic designer to create promotional graphics for the various social media channels (see below).

Promote the vlog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In. Whilst I will create and edit the video, you would need to watch the video and write compelling summaries about the video to inspire people to watch it. You’d also be required to post the content on the social media channels, adding the relevant photo or graphic and generating the appropriate hashtags for maximum reach.

Proof read the blog and add it to the DARETOGROW web site, adding in the SEO title and meta description. I might provide a photo to go with the blog but you might be required to work with the graphic designer to create an inspiring graphic to go with it.

Post the blog on all channels mentioned above.


I do film the videos a week in advance and so you could look to do the work for multiple vlogs in one day. I don’t mind how you choose to work.




This is largely an administrative role with some creative writing. The person best suited to this role will:

  • LOVE admin; preferring to follow a set process to get specific tasks done each day rather than enjoy coming up with creative new ideas.
  • Enjoy writing based on existing content. You won’t need to write blogs or stories from scratch but you’ll be required to watch the vlogs and write an inspiring story about each one so people know what to expect when they press play. This text would need to be adapted to each social media channel.
  • Really enjoy working solo, from home or a location of your choice (I love coffee shops!). I don’t have an office and I travel a lot with my partner. I would upload the vlogs remotely and leave you to complete the list of tasks independently in your own time, but to clear deadlines.
  • Have experience working with the various social media platforms, although this is not essential. It can be taught – it’s the love of admin, the writing skills and a focus on getting things done on time that really matters.
  • Be able to work well with a graphic designer, giving very specific instructions on what’s needed and following up with edits required.

I am looking for a long term hire; someone who can support me in this very specific role as the business grows over the coming years.




My name’s Lisa Bean. I am a speaker and coach and I run an online platform called DARETOGROW. I teach people how to change their lives and make a living doing what they love.

Each day, I film and create a vlog and share it on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Linked In to inspire and teach others how to change their lives.

I also run an online course called Make Your Move and this is the essence of the business. The business is growing quickly and I’m now looking to bring on an experienced administrator to support me directly in a very important role.




If this sounds like your cup of tea, please email me at answering the following questions. I don’t require a CV or covering letter.


  • Why would you love to do this role?
  • What specific skills and experience would you bring to the role?
  • How would you approach this role?
  • Do you have any training requirements you’d need initial support with (e.g. you’ve never used Instagram.)

The closing date for applications is Friday 23rd February and you would need to be available for the following stages: 


Telephone interviews will be held on Monday 26th / Tuesday 27th February and face to face interviews will be held in Tynemouth, Newcastle on Monday 5th / Tuesday 6th March.

As part of the interview, you will be given a vlog to watch and will be asked to write a summary of the vlog and three social media posts for different platforms.

The successful candidate will be informed on Wednesday 7th March and will begin on Tuesday 2nd April.