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Lisa Bean’s Three Bridges to Six Figures:

The Ultimate & Honest Guide to Building a Six Figure Online Business

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£100k a year is £8,333 in sales a month, or £24,999 a quarter. That means that in order for you to hit £100k in a year, you must very simply:

Know your S(c)ale Up Number - How many sales you need at what price point in order to hit six figures. This means doing the maths and building a business model that is manageable and scalable.

Build a funnel - Build an online marketing system that consistently introduces your offer to new potential customers and help them make an informed buying decision by showing them the value you can bring to their life or business.

Stand out from the noise - Develop your unique Thought Leadership to show that you are a leader worth listening to and that your approach is smart, novel or unique in some way.

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This document is not ‘my story’. This is how to do it, step by step.

In the last ten years I’ve built three six figure businesses and done well over £1m in sales. Every time, I followed this process and it got me there faster than most. I call the process “Three Bridges to Six Figures”. In this brand new 33 page document, I’m going to explain each Bridge directly and in depth to help you build the strategy, funnel and Thought Leadership to get your business to six figures so you can eat, sleep, live, work anywhere in the world.


Filled with thoughtful examples, six figure insights and thought provoking questions, this document will get you thinking and get you focused on the actions that will get you to six figures!


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Lisa Bean is the founder of the multiple six figure business DARETOGROW and author of the Amazon topping book First Sh!t Version. Through her online programmes she teaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs how to launch a business to make a living doing what they love and how to scale that business to six figures online.


Having sold over £1m of services in her businesses (across marketing, recruitment and online training), Lisa specialises in helping people craft their stand out message, launch their offer and scale using funnel and content marketing. She is a self confessed video geek and regularly releases vlogs of her travels and business journey.

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What’s included in the 33-page PDF?

8 things your sales page must have in order to sell. (For example, your sales page must have ‘A Hook’, a key marketing and sales message that runs across your whole marketing campaign, tying it together).

11 honest tips for driving traffic into your funnel (tip 1? Stop calling it traffic - they’re people and you build your business one person at a time!)

Three online editable worksheets to hold you accountable to immediate steps you can take to reach £100k a year in your business. (Complete on your iPad or computer and save the document to track progress).

Interesting insights, such as what we can learn about online selling from the cinema industry and the sales of pet food! You won’t forget these examples once you’ve heard them and they will help you understand more fully how sales and marketing actually work.

A complete checklist to track your work as you implement the key steps outlined in this document.

5 thought provoking questions to help you develop your unique Thought Leadership and stand out as a leader in the market in 2020 and beyond!

Over the past four years, I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them launch and scale their businesses online. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed that stops these purpose driven entrepreneurs from hitting that £100k dream year, it’s this: good hearted entrepreneurs spend too much time faffing around and not enough time scaling up!


The aim of this document is to tell you in black and white what needs to happen for you to hit six figures and help you stop faffing, and start scaling!


Lisa Bean 

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