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Game Changing 60 Minute Webinar Masterclass with Lisa Bean

How to build & scale your business online

Epic 60 minute Masterclass with Lisa Bean, founder of DARETOGROW. Secure your spot and find out:

The fundamental KEY to a six figure business that scales

The fundamental change you MUST make to your strategy to build a scalable business online - heck, let’s even talk about what I mean by ‘strategy’. This alone is a GAME CHANGER.

EXACT (and replicable) launch process to make sales ONLINE

The EXACT process you must follow to generate enquiries and make sales online, no matter what your business offers. You can waste a lot of money if you don’t do this.

How a six figure business owners THINKS and ACTS DIFFERENTLY

The way a six figure business owner thinks and acts that is different to the way most people think and act. I’ll share this with you and show you how to cultivate this SPECIFIC approach. DO THIS and things can change QUICKLY.

The brand building power secret...all the pros are doing this

The mega secret to building your brand in a way that is AUTHENTIC and fair (no more working for free!)

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      About your host

      Lisa Bean is the founder of DARETOGROW – the online platform that teaches entrepreneurs how to build scalable businesses around their purpose.


      She is the host of DARETOGROW TV, producing weekly vlogs and free educational content for entrepreneurs, amassing over one million minutes viewed. She is the founder of DARETOGROW / The Online Course and Expansion Business School. Her new book – First Sh!t Version – hit number #2 on the Kindle charts on day 1 and is available in paperback and on Kindle on Amazon.

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