A Monthly Membership Focussed on ACTION


Join me LIVE, twice a month, to dramatically Xccelerate your ability to get things done and build your DREAM LIFE. This is a monthly high vibrational membership with the power to change your life in major ways.

One thing I have mastered in helping me hit my goals is being able to clarify my vision, return the focus to my goals and take action on the things that mattered. Monthly, weekly, daily. THIS is what this membership is: FOCUS on your dreams, an amplification of your energy and a dramatic ACTION on what will make the difference in your life.


Here’s the deal…Each month, I will host two live 60 minute Zoom calls EXCLUSIVE to members of IX90. I’ll open each call up with a 20 minute motivational talk focused on bringing you BACK into alignment with your dreams, your power and the action you need to take. That alone will be FIREEEE! Following that alignment talk, there will be one of two monthly activities (see below).


The aim of this EPIC new monthly membership is to help you bring your goals into SHARP focus, get back into vibration with what’s possible for you and inspire you to take bold new action each and every month. Changing your life and building your dream business can be HARDDD and I wanted to provide a place of uplifting support, positive energy and focused action! This is it!


Remember…you don’t chase your dreams: You bring them towards you by the action you take daily. And this Membership will help you take more and bigger action every single month!

This is the Founding Members price. The price will return to £29 / month following the launch.

Lisa Bean Monthly Membership

Make the Calls…

CALL 1 – Normally 2nd Wednesday Monthly 7pm GMT



Following the motivational reminder, you’ll join two different quick-fire Zoom break out rooms to meet other members of the EPIC IX90 community, guided by awesome questions you never get to discuss with friends. This will be real ‘air time’ for you to chat about your goals and say your plans out loud!! There is SUCH power in that.

CALL 2 – Normally Last Wednesday Monthly 7th



Following the motivational reminder, I will guide you on a vision and planning session to help you reconnect with your vision, bring your goals back into focus and decide on the actions you will prioritise in the coming month.

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Live your dream life more quickly

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Network with people on your level

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Join Lisa Bean LIVE twice a month 

Lisa Bean

About Lisa Bean

What I am most proud of in my life, beyond the book, beyond the businesses, beyond the fact I built a life I love…it’s the fact I paid off £100k in debt AND overcame depression to be here today.


Back in 2015, I set some ridiculous goals:


  1. Build an online business so I can eat, sleep, live and work anywhere in the world.
  2. Pay off £100k in debt and live abundantly.
  3. Write an Amazon chart topping book and change people’s lives!


It is MAD to be here typing this knowing I’ve achieved everything on my goal list and more! Now, I want to help more people DECIDE what they want, take MASSIVE ACTION, and MAKE IT HAPPEN! That is what IX90 is all about!

Who is this for?

This membership is for you if you want to: 

Get crystal clarity on your vision

Articulate your monthly and quarterly goals in DETAIL

Have absolute certainty that you are on your way to making your dream life your reality!!

Have an inspiring and cool space to hang out twice a month to GET BACK ON TRACK!

Have an inspiring and cool space to hang out twice a month to GET BACK ON TRACK!

Get crystal clarity on your vision

Everything I set for myself as a goal in 2015 I have now achieved. I am free to travel the world. I wrote the book. I built an online business. I know what it takes to manifest your dream life and it’s this:


(1) A crystal clear vision. If you can’t ask for it, you can’t have it.

(2) Annual goals, broken into monthly goals you can focus on and achieve.

(3) Faith it’s possible and belief you can do it.

(4) Support from people around you and yourself – taking action to build the infrastructure you need to succeed.

(5) Action until you make it.

In IX90, I am going to help you clarify that vision and more than that: Bring focus to it MONTHLY and give you the support you need to know it’s not only possible but INEVITABLE that you can have what you desire.


This is exactly what I need!

The membership is £20 a month for founding members. The price will increase to £29 after the launch. The price includes VAT.