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Want to see inside the course? You got it!

The workbook and three epic reading club books 

If you’ve been considering joining The Online Course but don’t know what to expect…let me show you! Come and have a peek inside the Online Course. See how it looks, have a look at the quality…and find out why you can take part in this course from ANYWHERE in the world wahoooo!!!

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What’s in the Welcome Box?? Oooh eee

The workbook and three epic reading club books 

I love online courses because you can complete them anywhere. But let’s be honest. Do you realllly print off the worksheets and complete them? 100%? Hehe. Not always!


So I’ve made it super easy for you and designed a 100 page printed workbook that I’m going to send you in the post. I have this lovely idea that you’ll wake up just a tad early, have a lush tea or coffee and work through it while the house sleeps. Or that you’ll take yourself off to a quiet spot on a Saturday morning for some time on your dreams, your life.


And, I’ve also included three incredible, life changing books that I’d love you to read on this journey.


Press play and let me show you 🙂

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An Example Unit

Unit 5 – The Purpose Manifestation Challenge 

This exercise is wonderfully simple but wow so powerful if you do it! It’s LITERALLY life changing!!


And are the kinds of challenges you get in the course. I don’t just want you to learn new ideas, I want you to take bold new accttionnnnn to change your life! So, I encourage you post pictures of you completing the challenge in the private Facebook group. It’s fun and it helps to hold you accountable.


Can you imagine how your life would change if you did things like this week every day or every week?


Hello 2020!




P.s. Remember, the early bird offer ends tonight at midnight and the price will jump from £780 to £1260 or from £79.20 to £105 if you pay monthly.

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The Module Structure

Week 1 – Purpose

Start to turn down the influence of outside voices, the world at large and pressures from family and friends and create space to connect more powerfully with your intuition, your gut and your higher self. 

Unit 1 - What is 'purpose' and do I REALLY have one?

Unit 2 - 'Start With Why' - this idea changed my life

Unit 3 - Begin your journey of RECONNECTION with these three powerful questions

Week 2 – A Deeper Purpose

Let’s dive even deeper into your purpose now. Not only will you learn how to powerfully articulate your purpose to yourself, but you’ll learn how to embody it and articulate it to others. 

Unit 4 - Four powerful exercises for connecting with your purpose...without leaving home

Unit 5 - The purpose manifestation challenge

Unit 6 - How to articulate this journey to others

Week 3 – Changing

In week 3, we start to define exactly what you want to change in your life and I share with you four powerful lessons I learnt that changed the whole game for me. 

Unit 7 - What specifically do you want to change? Define it now

Unit 8 - Three vital truths for changing your life

Unit 9 - The secret to manifestation and vision work

Week 4 – Your New Life

You know my favourite word is action? In week 4, you set a bold and compelling vision for your life, you bring it to life in a number of ways and you take a challenge to bring the future into the present. This week is magical. 

Unit 10 - Making your vision visible

Unit 11 - Live your perfect day

Unit 12 - The one change you must make today

Week 5 – Removing The Blocks

We all have beliefs, values and stories. They either empower us or hold us back. This week, you uncover the story that has held you back so far and write a powerful new affirmation to carry you forward. 

Unit 13 - What is the story holding you back?

Unit 14 - Affirming your new reality

Unit 15 - The mirror exercise: Fall in love with you

Week 6 – Compounding Change

This is a big week of actiioonnn, as you learn the power of compounding: How tiny changes every single day build up to create extraordinary changes in time. 

Unit 16 - The secret to change is compounding

Unit 17 - Who do you need to become?

Unit 18 - ACTION Challenge

Week 7 – An Introduction to Business

I love building businesses! This is my third 6-figure business. So this week let me introduce you to the key laws of business and share with you the secret to my success. I don’t share this anywhere but here. 

Unit 19 - The LAWS of business

Unit 20 - How to think about money in year one

Unit 21 - The DARETOGROW approach to growing businesses

Week 8 – Your Perfect Customer

You see people talk about this online all the time. But it’s true! You really can call in your perfect customer. I do it every single month. And I’m going to show you EXACTLY how I do it. This is powerful. 

Unit 22 - How to call in your perfect customer

Unit 23 - Start doing this now to build your audience

Unit 24 - Your business value proposition (game changer!!)

Week 9 – Setting Up Your Business

Ready to set up your new business or brand? Super duper!! Let me guide you through the process step by step! 

Unit 25 - Coming up with your name

Unit 26 - Three `{`essential`}` legal steps

Unit 27 - How to check your name is available

Week 10 – Telling Your Story

Telling your story – online, on stage, in videos etc. – is quite possibly one of the biggest and most important things you will do to build trust and grow your brand. Let me show you exactly how to do it! 

Unit 28 - How to tell your story online

Unit 29 - The importance of this mix

Unit 30 - The story challenge

Week 11 – How to market your business

I have been in marketing for 10 years now. Can you believe that? Things change all the time. This week let me share with you the laws that never change and how to market your business in 2019 – 2020. 

Unit 31 - How to approach marketing (the campaign approach)

Unit 32 - Choose your 'pillar' content

Unit 33 - Which social media channels to use

Week 12 – Your First Launch

It’s time! To put it all into motion! This week, I help you prepare for your first launch. Let me show you the full end to end process and share with the secrets of my own multiple five-figure launches. 

Unit 34 - How to build a landing page

Unit 35 - What a launch looks like - the full launch process (and checklist)

Unit 36 - How to make sales online (this works)

Bonus Content

I have created an incredible library of bonus content. Here are just some examples of what you can find. 

Bonus - Purpose meditation

Bonus - Future Self Meditation

Bonus - How to design your first product

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